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From the Team Who Brought Luxury Real Estate Online with the Biggest Global Brands

Real Estate Markets of the Past
High Sales Cost - Low Liquidity - Few Options
Until Now!

PropertyBook’s founders created some of the most powerful online engines during the “go-go days” of the mid-2000’s real estate boom for some of the biggest agency names in the world.

The Team realized the next Agency would be a Digital Agency - where buyers and sellers control the process directly - with the help from technology automation and intelligence to remove the complexity

With that knowledge, and a decade’s work in blockchain, crypto currencies, smart contracts and NFTs - PropertyBook was created.

digital agency
real estate nft
We’re Here To Change the World of How Real Estate Gets DONE!
The Economist

Why America’s real-estate brokers are such a rip-off Selling a house in the United States is extremely expensive

Aug 31st 2019 edition

What Airbnb did for hotel alternatives
PropertyBook has done for buying and selling through the power of blockchain NFT technology!
NFT technology
Real Estate Liquidity
like never before

With NFT Technology Real Estate can become much more liquid.

No longer do we have to sell 100% to one signed party!

With NFT Technology - and the power provided by BlockCerts Blockchain - properties can be divided, and NFT units sold, with - or without - changing the use of the property.

Even rooms can be sold off - with rental fees going to the holders!

Here is what PropertyBook has done for Buyers and Sellers to save the significant costs, delays and hassles of sales agents
global listing
Search is Global, listing is open to anyone
property sale
Selling is as easy as listing a property for sale
listing property
Buying is as easy as placing a bid
property bid
When a bid (or all bids in the case of a fractional sale) is in the range the paperwork is automatically generated
mortgage application
When a mortgage is required the application is automatically delivered, completed by the borrower
real estate listing
Paperwork is provided directly to the lender (no middlemen) and closing agents
Property stands
Stands for Closed
That's it!
What about those real estate showings?

If homes need to be shown, every home is listed with showing times Agents are invited to participate - if they wish, and the Seller offers a “reward” if the agent shows the home and his showing results in the sale. The seller gets to set the reward amount - and any realtor can bring in buyers.

No real estate listing contracts.

Buyers come in directly? The seller can give keep the reward, or not offer one.

How is this possible?
What is different?

Every Home Listed becomes and NFT on the BlockCerts Blockchain.

It has it’s own Listing Channel - a Secure Virtual Space where buyers, sellers, agents can interact about the property.

This is all possible due to smart contract technology!

In a Homes NFT Channel live and recorded videos are available with PropertyBooks eShowing Now technology (think of it as a Zoom for a home).

propertybook eshowing
A webinar style viewing and walkthrough
webinar style
A Q&A chat area
documents inspection
Documents such as inspection reports and other critical information
propertybook buyers
Even discussions with current sellers

All of this is encrypted and stored only for registered PropertyBook buyers and sellers on a property by property basis!

property homes NFT

No more property “bull”...

A homes NFT tracks all activity that is encrypted - but shows real time, the amount of activity.

Real activity tells the real story - if this is a hot property, its a sellers’ market.

If this is an average property - you’ll see average activity.

If it’s a tough market - expect tough questions.

Buyers don’t need agents “upselling” - Sellers don’t need to pay agents in a hot market.

So this completely removes agents?
The Economist

The great realtor rip-off
Why is it so expensive to buy or sell a house in America?

May 5th 2012 edition

real estate agents

It’s no secret - the forces driving real estate, namely real estate agents and mortgage brokers have made a killing on the backs of sellers and buyers alike.

While news outlets have pointed to the carnivors of equity and expense in real estate - little has been done with technology to stop the feed frenzy of fee driven brokers.

property book advanced technology
is where advanced technology, and the best expertise in real estate engage to deliver an advanced model for the industry.
mortgage brokers
The best agencies and agents know that working solely for commissions is NOT the way to build a lasting or effecient industry. PropertyBook is a collaboartion to change the ‘hard sell’ tacktics, lower the cost of every transaciton - reward Stakeholders.

This is the global shift to Stakeholder Captilism - noted by the World Economic Forum 2021.

Where expertise is required PropertyBook Agencies, with the power of NFT, the automation on blockchain, assist, engage with the technology - saving everyone time and money.

Why Technology + Agency Expertise?
4 Primary Reasons
Why Change Realestate
change real estate
Everyone wants a place to live and call their own home. The real etate market has proven to be a valuable investment and inflation hedge.
real estate market
Real estate is an expensive, complex transaction. There is liquidity risk - especially in down markets, or some highly speciliazed properties.
profitable banks
Mortgages are very profitable for banks, so putting in additional points to pay brokers, at borrowers’ expense, is no skin off the banks back.
listing services
MLS listing services are generally centralized, geographically, based on the outdated models of real estate boards, their members (agents)
PropertyBook - Making the Changes
The World Has Been Asking For
The Economist

The internet didn't shrink 6% real estate commissions.
Travel agencies have shrunk from 100,000 employees in 2000 to 53,000 in America today,

Real estate agents have been a puzzling exception to that trend. Half of buyers now find their homes independently online, according to a survey by the National Association of Realtors. Yet 87% of them still end up retaining an agent, and the commissions rates have barely budged.

national association of realtors

Bring Your Real Estate Transaction Onto the PropertyBook
Built and powered on BlockCerts Blockchain

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